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A couple walking down the beautiful Alberta Wheat Field in Edmonton

Outdoor Photography Session in Edmonton Wheat Field

Today's outdoor photography session takes place in the great Alberta wheat field in Edmonton! What an amazing session! Unlike the Canola field I have recently taken, the wheat field definitely gives a very different cast and tone to the photo. I love how fuzzy and texturized these wheat plants gives! This couple is seriously so silly. I think they kind of forgot about me and went off to do their own thing haha. During the shoot a farm dog got loose and really wanted to play with us. We...

Fashion Photography Session

Amidst all the insanity moving to Calgary, I managed to get some fun shoots in my system. I don't remember how long I have stepped away from shooting at studios indoor! Today I got Jennie and his friend on board at a vacant real estate I got hookups for, and tried out some ideas. Jennie was super excited as usual, with loads of clothing to choose from and put me on the indecisive train. These are the results! hello...