Our Workflow & Frequently Asked Questions

See how we ensure you are taken cared of and all the thoughts and ideas behind your beautiful imagery


Consultation involves understanding your vision and ideas for your wedding day. We will bounce ideas about hair & make up, wardrobe, locations, and venues. We could even chat about a tentative timeline. We will also be discussing what type of engagement shoot you may want to consider - casual or semi-formal. Visit our blog to get some ideas and inspiration.


An engagement photoshoot will allow us to better understand your style and. Have fun while we capture some candid photos during your posed & non-posed interactions. We will cover your wardrobe and style ideas before the engagement shoot.


You’ll have fun, feel comfortable, and get beautiful photos! Before we start a session we should have decided and planned out the day from our consultation, so enjoy what you have prepared!


More details here

We have the ingredients (the raw photos) and now we start cooking up the good stuff! You will usually receive photo or video proofs in a few weeks. This is when we proceed to our viewing session. See our blog post on our website about our editing styles and process!

Viewing Session Or Proofing

Once we have edited your photos, we will schedule a time to view them together. It’s quite an experience! We take this time to celebrate and discuss how we can fine tune our work to best suit your preferences. If there is a product you have in mind, this will be a good time to chat about it! For non-wedding or general sessions, proofing may be in the form of an online proofing gallery.


We can’t wait to give you the memories you will cherish and share with your family and friends! Check out our product section for a list of ever-growing products we offer.

What does a Wedding Photography & Film Package look like?

We have an inner circle of fellow Wedding Photographers & Videographers who work under the same workflow. We work seamlessly together making sure that our work is to the style and standards of Missing Piece Studio Media from start to finish. You can save lots of effort, money, and see an efficient team of professionals work under one roof!

Free Pre-Wedding Shoot ?!

Although there is never free lunch we believe a free engagement / pre-wedding session prior to your wedding is an INVESTMENT from our end. Consultations, phone calls, and coffee is not enough! We believe building a rapport and friendship before a wedding means actually shooting with you. Making beautiful images to be used on your wedding day is also another perk for our couples. So why not? If you a eligible, it’s in the house!

Do I really need videography and photography on my wedding day?

Videography and photography each satisfy different needs. While they are both family heirlooms you can cherish and share, videos are memories in motion. They can capture the vows, special speeches, voices, laughter, and raw authentic moments that cannot be contained in a photograph.  Photography is a timeless format that can be transformed into any product desired. Videos are easy to store, share, and watch in one click.

What is the benefit of having mpStudio do both videography and photography?

The advantage of having mpStudio shoot both videos and photos is that our team can come up with a game plan for shooting long before the wedding day. We  work  together seamlessly to allocate shooting tasks, roles, and our positioning on your big day.

Is your pricing and packages customizable?

We believe every couple and client are unique. Although we put in a lot of effort, background knowledge, and research to come up with a package that gives our clients the best experience, we are happy to give you a custom plan after receiving our standard packages.

I want natural, candid photos. Are you going to pose us?

In short, we are skilled at posing but we believe that it should never take away from candid moments! We have a way of getting the best of both worlds. We wrote a blog post about our philosophy, go check it out.

Wedding planning advice?

Think of it this way, a photographer / videographer are the ones who goes to the MOST weddings and stays for every single little details in all aspects of the wedding. Not only that we may have the best contact and referrals for you. Wouldn’t you think we could give you the best advice? We are excited to chat with you!

Location? Wardrobe?

During our consultation stage, we plan through what wardrobe and locations best fits your vision and gets you the best results. Here is a blog post.

Wedding Highlight Video vs Extended Cut vs Chaptered Video

General description of each of these videos are listed in our product page. But allow me to explain this in an analogy. Say you have a simple wedding made up of

A. Getting ready of bride and groom (people chatting, pretty shots of dress and grooms chugging beers)
B. Ceremony (vows, ring exchange,
C. Reception (toasting, a fun game to entertain guest, a slideshow)
D: All the pretty shots of people, actions, ring, decors etc etc
(I put these random things in a bracket because there are clearly more than just that)
A highlight video: it will be all of those but with priority on engaging your guests, or anyone who couldn’t make it to your wedding. Like a commercial we focus on aesthetics, engagement so it’ll be the prettiest snippets or vow of A B C D . That’s the videos you have watched from our website or social media that’s about 5 mins long
An extended cut is just like a highlight but it could be around 10-20ish minutes long. We want it to be like a recap of everything that happened and is more documentary focused but we want you to be able to stay engaged and be able to watch through it in one sitting. It requires a lot of precise editing like the highlight but presents a full day of wedding without skip.
A chaptered video is basically A B C D laid out, and for our clients with a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out). We will make a separate video of A B C D in full. It is purely documentary. We try our best to include all the entertaining and memorable conversations and what happened within that video so you can rewatch or find out what happened. Truth is, as a couple, you may not get to see what goes behind the stage! This chaptered video may include like a game in its entirety or all the “deleted scenes”

How do I secure a date? What's a Contract?

As soon as we signed a contract, your date is locked! A contract includes legal items, a confirmed date, tentative plans etc.

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