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[Review] Computer – dSLR Trigger Interface Free

**Currently updating photos,links and information. Have a read while you’re here!*


Alright so I’ve been scouting for a program where I can remotely trigger my camera for a time lapse project in mind. After hours of searching I finally arrived to the digiCamControl by the developer who made the discontinued DSLR Camera Remote 1.4.1 from onOneSoftware.

At a first glance this software already lives up to its expectations! Just a USB cable that comes with your camera, the computer and camera immediately starts talking to each other (Like me, you are probably scrambling to find the packaging and flipping your room for that USB cable you never use right?)  your camera may automatically displays as “PC” telling us it’s in sync, and digiCamControl displays which camera you have.

I connected both my Nikon D7000 and Nikon D5100 and they both connected seamlessly!


I quickly browse through the very to use panel in digiCamControl Host Mode, which means you can control all the settings on the computer without touching the camera. Just about every control is there! Mode (PASM but no scene mode for me) ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperature, White Balance, Exposure Comp, Compression, even Metering Mode and Focus Mode? Did I mention it has a battery meter inside?

Anyway it’s 2014 now and i’m new to these software. But with my limted experience that’s a lot to be had for a free!

While i’m typing this I had my camera shut off, and the program actually crashed a few times. Not sure if it’s my problem or theirs. I also connected both camera and the multicam function didn’t seem to show up right… Anyway here are the links, i’m afraid it’s time to go back to work! Until next time!




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