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This is a Portfolio Entry

Missing Piece Studio is proud to present these videos from as early as 2009 all the way till now. These videos are some of my most treasured memories and is so much more than just somebody’s special pictures. They documented my life, my journey as a photographer and videographer, and how it shaped me as a person too! Dating back to the days when my family moved to this city called Edmonton, my world was nothing bigger than the school I went to and the community of people that surrounds me. During these years photographer slowly became a part of what makes me, and has gotten me through some ups and downs. It eventually became my favorite past times and my escape, and became the very spark that helped me break out of my comfort zone to connect with other people as well! I hope you enjoyed going through my work as much as I did in creating them!

In this website, you will not only find my work, but the process, the idea behind each move, and how YOU are a huge part of our formula. You may be a potential client, a friend, or just a stranger who stumbled upon this website. Your feedback, your support, and all of your actions help push us further in capturing authentic, gorgeous imagery that tells a unique story.

I have been pacing myself, and I have learned that it takes 5-10 minutes to make one single portfolio entry, that’s the series of image you are looking at right now. Each category in my portfolio makes up into a series of images, and EACH image is ONE single portfolio entry. That’s A LOT of entries!

Well I have a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and I have a hard time letting go of images I shoot, so I work hard in organizing my work. Thanks again for checking it out!

Timeless Memories

The vows, special speeches, hilarious moments,voices of your guests that you can never capture in one photograph, and a family heirloom you can share to your friends and family in one click.

Storytelling in Motion

Seeing your authentic story unfold, and rewatch scenes that happened you may not be there for as a bride and groom. The beauty, emotions, sweat behind the scenes, all for you to enjoy and laugh about years and years after the wedding.

Epic Beauty

Creative directions and shooting techniques are what makes your big day truly beautiful, especially during that preparation time and when we get some alone time to work with just the couple!

Passion, Art and a lot of love.

Wedding cinematography isn't just a video that documents your day. It's thought provoking story telling using beautiful imagery, professional audio capturing, and thought provoking techniques to tell a story like a movie.

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