KDays Edmonton

No matter how many times I said I won’t go to #kdays I still end up going! This year, a bunch of friends were sure to go and so I act smart and act fast! I got the early bird all day admission + ride passes for $45 along with all my friends going. I even sold a few that I got for $10 more when a few friends ditched. It’s funny because I had two friends asked me in a very worried tone whether I was going to haul my camera luggage out to the rides. lolĀ  Anyway, as soon as the sun’s down and the our heads were too dizzy to handle any more rides, I suggested that we walk around the #carnival and check out the games and grab some food. So I sneaked out of the venue and grabbed my gears and set off for my photography adventure! Here it goes~

lover under the farris wheel

baby chicks

Cute chicks lol

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