Friends Portrait Session

In the year of 2015, what better way to celebrate it then to hang out with your friends have your photo taken? Got a chance to work with these lovely ladies for some candid portraits on a warmer Edmonton winter weather, and it was a total blast! These girls have been friends since elementary and is a real example of BFFs! Makes me wonder if I should call up some long lost friends from childhood haha.

We started off at this beautiful park where I have found while location scouting, and we even tried out some last minute light painting in day time! While that wasn’t enough, we decided to go even further and went down to the University Telus building and ended our day with some large scale light painting?


A huge thank you for these girls for being so willing to learn light painting as well as posing for all these photos! Thanks for the opportunity! =DWhitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-008 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-009 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-010 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-011 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-012 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-013 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-014 Whitemud-Park-Edmonton-Creek-trail-015 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park_Portrait-008_ Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-007 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-018 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-020 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-013 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-034 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-000 Whitemud_Ravine_Creek_Park-Portrait-009

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