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Beautiful Fireworks displays in Edmonton under the beautiful city scape at northlands during KDays festival

Edmonton K-Days Engagement Photography Session

This is the last session i’ll post on engagement sessions at KDays in Edmonton!  This couple has got to be my favourite couple of all times. They’re sweet and very calm, which gave me lots of time to check my photos and discuss with them during the shoot. They were also super fun and took all my silly ideas to a whole new level! We played and  It was extremely easy to pose them and we had loads of time to work on new ideas and perfect an already beautiful pose! Not only that, I encouraged them to actually enjoy the process and go out to buy some food and have a good time, and they truly did! They even treated me on the Farris wheel so we could grab some pictures at the top. Everything was so easy and these amazing photos just fell right on my lap!!

I know the Calgary Globalfest is coming, and there will be loads and loads of opportunity to photograph some amazing fireworks but i may not be able to make it this time… Until next year! There shall be loads more fun in Calgary stampede and Edmonton Kdays in 2016!! It’s been so much great memories :”)

Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0000

Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0001

PEW PEW PEW The tension is totally there! Haha

Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_002

All those cute (and not so cute) toys makes for an amazing background!

Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0003

We actually had so much fun buying the food. We couldn’t find any “vintage style” cotton candle with paper cones so we made our own xD

Calgary Stampede Engagement Photographer

I HAVE to do a sunflare picture on this one! This is absolutely incredible. Did I also mention I hijacked an ice-cream stand to get our photos taken?

Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photoshoot_0005

I was a bit skeptical on what I’d get during that time of the day on the Farris Wheels, but nothing ND filter and a little post processing can’t fix! The photo on the farris wheel ended up to be one of my favourite photo!

A couple with cotton candy mustache

I so love this one. We made a cotton candy Kabob out of the stick from the roast corn!

Calgary Stampede event photographer Calgary Stampede Carnival Themed Photographer Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede 008 A couple stare at each other in mischief challenges each other for a carnival game A couple sitting at a carnival game posing for a photo

fireworks displaying on top of a ferris wheel while a couple embrace one another

Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede

Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede004 Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede003 Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede002 Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede001 Edmonton Kdays Engagement Photography- Calgary Stampede000

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